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About Micronostyx

Micronostyx is a Canadian supplier of microbiology laboratory & specialty diagnostic products founded by Jeff Roberts. Our focus is on microbiology and select diagnostic products and, together with our global partners, we bring Canadian laboratory professionals innovative products to help them detect microorganisms, diagnose disease and improve outcomes.

The company’s motto is Innovative, Reliable and Value Driven – Innovative products, reliable technology and support, delighted customers that see ongoing value in dealing with us. Our team continues to work hard to earn your trust and build a business that makes us proud every day.


Micronostyx is a Canadian supplier of Microbiology Laboratory and Specialty Diagnostic products.

Our focus is on microbiology and select diagnostic products and, together with our global partners, we bring innovative products to Canadian laboratory professionals to help them detect microorganisms, diagnose disease and improve outcomes.

World Class Microbiology and Specialty Diagnostics Partners

Micronostyx partners include world leading manufacturers like Copan, CHROMagar, Hardy Diagnostics, Liofilchem, Microbiologics and Neogen. For a full list of our suppliers click here.  We are uniquely positioned to offer products from multiple world-class partners to provide creative and effective solutions to our clients’ pre-analytical, diagnostic and quality control needs.

Your First Choice for Microbiology and Specialty Diagnostics

Our experience in microbiology is second to none. Our sales and technical staff have well over a 100 years combined experience in the laboratory and diagnostics marketplace. The in-house team at Micronostyx has the industry knowledge and logistical expertise to support the needs of today’s busy laboratory environment. We give our clients the high level of service they deserve.

Innovative, Reliable and Value Driven

The future of our company is driven by our commitment to discover innovative and leading diagnostic technologies that will contribute to the wellness of Canadians. Our team and industry partners are dedicated to providing progressive and forward thinking technologies which contribute to advancements in speed and accuracy of diagnostic laboratories across the country.

The Micronostyx Team

Micronostyx has put together a great team with many years of experience in the Canadian Diagnostic Market.

Jeff Roberts is the founder and General Manager of Micronostyx. He is a graduate of the University of Guelph with a BSc in Microbiology. Jeff has a wealth of experience in microbiology and laboratory diagnostics built over the last 35 years. Jeff held senior leadership positions at Oxoid, Med-Ox and Alere before starting Micronostyx. In forming Micronostyx, Jeff’s overriding priority was to make sure the business was set up to serve customers at a high level, with the best products possible and a solid reputation for reliability. He continues to build Micronostyx through his close customer relationships in Canada and supplier contacts from around the world.

Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care team is led by Angela Dagg, who has worked with Jeff for many years and is well connected to our Canadian customer base. She values her customer relationships, taking care of their needs as efficiently as possible and ensuring they get their products in a timely fashion. Angela cares about her customers and is a reliable and dedicated employee of Micronostyx. The team includes Kendell Skillen who, as a former small business owner, highly appreciates customer relationships and service.

Sales Team

The Micronostyx Sales team has an unrivaled level of microbiology laboratory bench, management and sales experience. The team consists of Dale Foster (Western Canada), Reuben Noseworthy (Eastern Canada), Robert Vigneault (Quebec) and Martin Skulnick (Ontario). They are very knowledgeable and have a passion for serving customers at a high level. Whether its helping customers improve diagnostic methods, increasing workflow efficiency, providing technical information or resolving any issues that may arise, these people work hard to ensure that our customers are consistently delighted with Micronostyx.

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