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World Class Microbiology and Specialty Diagnostics

Anaerobe Systems produces the world’s only true pre-reduced anaerobically sterilized (PRAS) culture media, poured and packaged under anaerobic conditions.


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CHROMagar supplies the widest range of chromogenic culture media available covering applications in clinical bacteriology, industrial microbiology, quality control for food and beverage industries, water testing and environmental monitoring.


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With a reputation for innovation, COPAN is the leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems in the world. COPAN’s collaborative approach to innovation in pre-analytics has resulted in the original FLOQSwabs™, ESwab™, FecalSwab™ and UTM™ as well as Full Laboratory Automation.


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A Canadian company, supplying clinical, industrial, environmental, veterinary, and institutional labs with culture media and microbiological supplies since 1985.


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Hain produces a broad range of molecular diagnostics solutions for the detection of microbial and viral pathogens, as well as for molecular antibiotic resistance testing. In addition to the highly-regarded Hain GenoType™ MDx portfolio, Hain has developed the novel Fluorocycler™ XT, , an innovative real-time PCR system with unprecedented temperature range and homogeneity for highest reproducibility and high-level multiplexing.

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Hardy Diagnostics manufactures culture media and rapid identification kits for microbiological testing in clinical, research, food, and pharmaceutical laboratories. Hardy manufactures over 2,700 different products used in the microbiology laboratory.

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The pioneer of rapid substrate testing in diagnostic bacteriology, a concept widely used today in clinical diagnosis, research, and teaching. The KEY system employs a variety of manual tests with emphasis on substrate tablets, strips and discs

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Liofilchem, based in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy, produces diagnostics for microbial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing, MIC Test Strip, antibiotic discs, dehydrated and ready-to-use culture media, bio-indicators for monitoring sterilization processes. Liofilchem products are used in over 130 Countries in the world.

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Manufacturer of laboratory reagents and stains, soaps, germicides, cold sterilants, alcohols as well as various other chemicals for the medical and veterinary industries, with a focus on diagnostic medical parasitology  preservation, transport and diagnostics.

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Manufacturer of ready-to-use QC microorganisms for quality control testing in the clinical, pharmaceutical, food, water and educational industries, offering the largest and most diverse line of QC microorganisms including qualitative, quantitative, certified reference material and parasite suspensions. They also have a full line of Molecular controls for many different bacterial and viral tests.

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A leader in the development and manufacture of products used by clinical laboratories to detect and diagnose disease, and by food laboratories to detect and identify pathogenic organisms,  in the fields of microbiology, serology, haematology, bacteriology and virology.

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Food safety products, services and expertise to help ensure the safety and quality of food, nutraceuticals, and nutritional supplements. On-site tests are rapid, accurate and easy to use. Great value dehydrated culture media.

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An innovative biotech company developing and manufacturing novel in vitro diagnostic tools for Therapy Monitoring. The patented platform is rapid, mobile and connected, allowing for analysis and reporting of direct sample finger prick blood in 5 minutes.

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Trimedic supplies point-of-care diagnostic testing products to clinics, hospitals, treatment facilities, and other health care establishments. Our FaStep branded tests are exclusively licensed to Trimedic for sale in both Canada and the United States. The FaStep line of diagnostic testing has products used to test for Drugs of Abuse, Allergy, Fertility, and Infectious Disease. The product range includes dip panels, single strips, cassettes and integrated cups.

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Manufacturer of sampling products, providing the food industry with high quality tools to make microbiology testing easier and more reliable.

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